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Ryan Doyle, Chief Visionary Officer


We are a video production company specializing in high octane, "in-the-action" story telling. We jump out of planes, strap cameras to squash rockets, and sleep in underwater hotels. But no worries, we love the corporate, non-profit, start-up world too!



Making videos is our bread and butter, but we're way more than that!

Video Production

Our bread and butter is video production because we love telling stories. It is the ultimate medium for showcasing people’s passions, experiencing the world and “living in the now”. And most importantly, we like to have fun so we will bring out the best in you!

Photography is our second love to video and often we are doing both simultaneously. Our style revolves around light, depth of field, intimacy and the moments you can’t live without.
Our websites are built to be visual, video-centric,  user friendly, and intuitive. The best part, we build a simple backend so you can manage content with ease.
Some of our clients want “the works”. With experience in building dozens of companies/personal brands and a background in psychology, we deliver brands to the world.
We build and design platforms with brand consistency, integrate the platforms, provide strategic consultation and offer ways to track your impact.


Visual captivation begins here

Clothing Delivery to Haiti

Mallory and the WCL team travel throughout Haiti to deliver new clothes to families in need.

Mojo in the Morning North Pole Flyaway

We surprised over 60 metro Detroit families with a trip to see Santa Claus at the North Pole. With the help of Delta Airlines, Westin Hotels and Resorts, the Silver Liners, Lady Jane’s and so many others, we were able to give these families a day away from sickness.


Soccer in Tanzania

Rush Soccer Ambassadors (Ryan and Calvin) with the REACH program and global partners Chevrolet, One World Play Project, Soccer.com, and Adidas hand delivered over 800 pieces of soccer equipment including jerseys, shorts, shoes, and balls to over 300 impoverished children of the Faraja Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania.

Concordia University Ann Arbor Football

Concordia University Ann Arbor is a Lutheran higher education community committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the World. Their football program is in it’s infancy, but the traditions and intensity are being molded by those who have come first.

Jack Kennedy: A Hand

A tribute to everything Michigan has meant to us as former players and a thank you to the fans who stick by us.

TJ Duckett: Reborn and Rewired

Todd TJ Duckett was best known for his impact as the lead running back for the Michigan State Spartans and his 8 years in National Football League. TJ “the football player” is reborn and rewired. This new identity and brand is his reintroduction to the world. It is rooted in personal value, philanthropic dedications, business endeavors, speaking passions, spiritual awakening and overall rewiring.

Mojo in the Morning’s Calvin Director of Awesome

Calvin takes you behind the scenes of an average day in his life as the Director of Awesome for Mojo in the Morning with NFL super stars, tandem saxophoning and bald eagles.

Barwis Methods

Developed over 25 years by Mike Barwis, one of the world’s top strength and conditioning coaches, the Barwis Methods® is a holistic and personalized approach that incorporates Neurological Reengineering, modern sports science, manual manipulations, biomechanics, psychology, spiritual truth, and individualized, physiologically designed and adapted training cycles.

FestiFools: Ann Arbor’s Greatest Fools

FestiFools is a nonprofit organization in Ann Arbor that brings students and community volunteers together to create unique public art that is free and accessible to everyone. Specifically, it is where magnificent, huge, bizarre, politically incorrect, human-powered papier-mache puppets join thousands of Foolish friends frolicking about downtown’s Main Street for one full hour.


Pop Evil: Chachi Marunde

Joshua Chachi Marunde is more popularly known as the drummer for international rock band, Pop Evil. But when he’s not destroying the drums on stage, he’s getting fit…Crossfit.

TD Ameritrade: Advanced Technology

TD Ameritrade provides investing and trading services for nearly six million client accounts that total more than $400 billion in assets, and custodial services for more than 4,000 independent registered investment advisors. Not only are they a global leader in trading, but they are trail blazers in creating a valuable company culture.

David Zinn: Chalk Art Brought to Life

David Zinn is an Ann Arbor artist known for his temporary street art composed entirely of chalk, charcoal and found objects that is entirely improvised on location. Most of these drawings (most notably “Sluggo”) have appeared on sidewalks in Ann Arbor and elsewhere in Michigan, but some have surfaced as far away as subway platforms in Manhattan and construction debris in the Sonoran Desert. Zinn’s chalk work began in 2001 as an excuse to linger outdoors and pursue his inner-child, but has since achieved global notoriety.


Mike Posner Mojo in the Morning Pajama Party

Channel 95.5 Mojo in the Morning hosted a Valentine’s Day Pajama Party Singles Mingle at the MET Hotel in Troy, MI. Mike Posner made a guest appearance and performed 5 unforgettable songs to his hometown crowd.

Corrigan Moving Systems

For almost 90 years, the family behind Corrigan Moving Systems has helped other families and businesses make their big moves with ease and efficiency. A top 10 United Van Lines agent, Corrigan has 12 locations throughout Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and New York. The 600-person Corrigan team is committed to delivering the same exceptional service they offered for nearly a century.

Kaplan Mobile CFA Review

Passing the CFA® exam requires intense preparation and it usually requires lugging around a lot of books. Now there’s a study tool that’s as portable as your mobile device— and can even inject some fun and excitement into the daily grind. Stalla’s curriculum is grounded in decades of experience and expertise and delivered in a way that’s as mobile, smart, and competitive as you are.

Detroit Lions
TD Ameritrade
University of Michigan
Red Bull


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